Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meat Day! Part deux

For the second part of Meat Day, Kaicy and I headed over to More. Owned by a friend of a friend, all I have heard since the opening is, "you gotta go to More." Once I discovered they had a bacon maple cupcake and a blt cupcake, more was added to our Meat Day extravaganza. First we sampled the bacon maple cupcake. Chunks of bacon are folded into a slighty sweet dough, baked, and then topped off with a butter creme maple frosting. Think pancakes and bacon. More sweet than savory, but the chunks of bacon were a nice compliment to the maple flavor. The frosting was almost too rich for me, and I could have eaten the cake by itself without the icing. Next was the blt cupcake. A.Ma.Zing. This is the more savory of the two, with a topping of ranch frosting and cherry tomatoes on top. I preferred this version of the two, but I suggest trying both to find out your favorite. One cupcake runs $4, and could be shared with a friend. Their selection is often changing, so call ahead if you have a certain flavor in mind! Stay tuned for Meat Day! part trois....
Check out my full album of Meat Day!
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  1. It just linked me to this page. Might fly out to chicago just for this...


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