Monday, January 19, 2009

Meat Day! Part un

Friday was the first annual "Day of Meat." My friend Kaicy and I decided to indulge our bacon/meat treat fetish and head to a few local Chicago spots during our day off.

The first stop: Bleeding Heart Bakery, located at Belmont and Damen. I heard through a secret source (okay, it was Kaicy) that Bleeding Heart Bakery has chocolate covered bacon. The day I visited none was available (choices change daily), so I decided to try the "Elvis" in brownie form - it also comes in a block of chocolate goodness. The Elvis brownie is exactly what I thought it would be - amazing! Fresh banana slices, crisp applewood smoked bacon, chocolate, butter, and peanut butter swirls. This tasty treat focused more on the sweet ingredients than the bacon, but none the less I was in a very nice organic sugar coma. Thanks to Bleeding Heart - and I will be back soon for chocolate covered bacon! Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 in my Day of Meat....

Check my pictures of the whole day: Meat Day!


  1. oh I haven't eaten that yet. For some reason I thought that was a brownie. I'll take anything sweet right about now. Take care.

  2. It is a sort of brownie, but very good. I would go for the chocolate covered bacon instead, but that's because I'm a bacon fanatic. Thanks for reading - and hopefully when I'm back in Chicago I'll do another meat day event. You are always welcome to join. ;)


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