Monday, September 20, 2010

The Alphabet of Alison

As you may or may not know, the timeline in my blog is behind. By a lot. With all my dates during June and July, then traveling, and life just happening, I'm approximately two months behind in my blog. These past few months have been chock full of exciting stories, and so to bring you up to speed in short form, I present the ABC's of events.

1. Adventure to the East Coast.
2. Bitten by the Polish Vacuum.
3. Came back to Chicago.
4. Discussions and more discussions with the PV.
5. Endlessly smitten with PV. Visits are planned and we will keep in touch long distance to see what happens.....
6. FLOODED: Apartment AND work.
7. GD! What the heck is happening?
8. Hello? Oddly calm.
9. Increased Anxiety: Will I get paid? How long will my work be closed?
10. Juxtaposition: Calm. Again.
11. Kan't tell if I will afford rent next month. (Yes I cheated. So what.)
12. Living with mom? Is that a good idea? Should I throw my stuff in storage and move home to Kansas?
13. Meditated many times to create some space and gain some perspective.
14. New offer arises.......discussions happen........
15. Oh my..... I am moving to Boston to live with my boyfriend, the Polish Vacuum. Move date is set for September 28th.
16. Positive and Negative Reactions to our decision: "You're what???" "You're crazy." "That's awesome!" "You're crazy." "Congratulations!"
17. Quietly waiting to tell my boss in the midst of work being closed.
18. Repeated discussions occur and now my boss, parents, and freelance clients are aware of my decision.
19. Slowly friends learn about the upcoming move.
20. Three day time span: I secure my inexpensive moving cube and one way plane ticket, PV gets an offer for an amazing job, and friends decide to move into my apartment. I will spend September cat sitting and living with Erin, my guardian angel, while saving money for the move.
21. Understandably another visit to Boston occurs. We check each other out to make sure the move is a good idea.
22. Very first glimpse at the airport, and yes, I am 2000% percent sure this is the right decision.
23. We both feel the same way.
24. Xtensive search for apartments begins pronto.
25. You might think we're crazy, but when intuition speaks, I have to listen.
26. Zat is all she wrote, thus far. I move next week, at which time I will take a small hiatus from my blog to get settled and explore the city. But I will be back in the near future to share stories about life in Boston and where life takes us. :) Thanks to everyone for their continued support, honest opinions, beds to sleep on, and meals fed over the past few months. There have been many developments, both up and down, and I feel very lucky to be surrounded by a great group of friends and family. And most of all, thank you to my Polish Vacuum, for without you this would have never been possible. :)


  1. How exciting :) What an adventure! I wish you all the best with everything.

  2. The cats and I will miss you! Congratulations on the romance and the adventure!

  3. Wow! What an amazing adventure. Gotta follow your gut. Plus Boston is awesome!


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