Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 WordCount Blogathon - I'm in!

The 4th annual WordCount Blogathon takes place May 1-31, 2011. Yours truly has signed up to get over the fear of not having enough  content to post numerous times a week. To grab my fear by the cajones, throw it on the ground and stomp on it, I'm taking on the challenge.
Why should someone blog every day for thirty days? Here are the reasons according to Michelle, which are great goals:
  • To gain experience to look for paid blogging work.
  • To gain expertise in a subject you want to write about for paid markets.
  • To build traffic.
  • To establish yourself as an expert.
  • As part of building a personal brand.
  • To help promote a book, e-book, e-newsletter or other product or service you’re selling or hoping to sell.
  • To start a blog – or a second or third.
  • To improve your SEO skills.
  • To make money from advertising, affiliate programs or other blog-based enterprise.
As of May 1st, my posts will be daily for the entire month. I hope that you, my readers will support the challenge to improve my writing and stick with me through a month of more frequent posts.
Are you interested in taking the challenge as well? Head on over to WordCount for more information.

Photo: Marja Flick-Buijs


  1. I'm in too! Found your blog with the #blog2011 hashtag, and looking forward to reading more. It was lots of fun last year!

  2. Cool! I am still waiting for my confirmation and badge to put on my blog - have you received yours? can't wait to read your posts as well!

  3. Hi! Interesting blog. I'll be following you throughout Blogathon 2011.

  4. Great! I'm going to check out yours as well. Can't wait to follow the month. ;)


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