Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Somerville Local First Blog

Today's blogger spotlight isn't one person, but a collective: The Blog at Somervile Local First. I came upon SLF back in November when they were searching for holiday bloggers. I sent an email, even after being in the city for only two months, and decided that this would be my way to contribute to the city and get to know businesses at the same time. A win-win situation.

As they share on the website:

"Somerville Local First works to build a sustainable local economy and vibrant community here in Somerville, MA. We do this by supporting locally owned and independent businesses and promoting sustainable economic development. Launched in May 2008, SLF now connects over 170 members, including businesses, artists, nonprofits, and community members in support of our vision."

This makes me so happy. Anyone and everyone supporting local business deserves a big hug in my book, and the blog brings attention to local endeavors in the community as well as spotlights for events and businesses that strive to support the local first goal. 

So even if you live outside of Boston, I encourage you to see if your town or city offers a local first group. You'll be giving back to the community and learning more about your city at the same time.

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